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Saturday, 31 January 2015


Hey peeps.
I saw no one posting so i thought i should post. Ill post something about tipZ of writing ,
-You should be positive on ur attitude. Never bully or even be negative of some new thing or event on woozworld. If yu dislike it just say "my opinion is this iznt such a good idea cuz_______________________________" 
-attraction is necessary from viewers. You should use variety of colours to introduce something or a paragraph. Highlight important points.if yu 
are introducing an eventz on woozworld then yu can use or give a photo 2 support. It also acts like an evidence. 
-using the signout photo is optional. It can help woozens 2 know who is writing. Coz some viewers are 2 lazy to read the name:)
-when yu are done writing check thr spillings with spell check cuz  some wurds culd be disturbing. I dont mean use perfect grammer but use some appropriate words too.
If yu are not using sign out photo then use or say 
Ur blogger
-Pòst regular or due to schedule. Ppl now mey luv ut post so show ur love by posting on time and increasing page viewers. WHIVH IX 8 THOUDAND .
-@t times ask viewers for their comments or even reactionz cause it can show how many peep are reading this post and can help you to improve your writing.
-give helpful advices and show expressions ;D =)^-^

-always give suitable titles to ur post. 


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