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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I m deeply sowy for those to whom i have hurted badly i am sorry. And jessicastarale i am calm now thank you 4 reminding.
I was thinking so much for 4 this blog cause it is a part of life of me. I am sorry for those who hate me ( BTW I DONT HAVE LESS HATERS) but i am rlly sowy i ruined you feelings blogger. The owner pointing me out in front of every viewer GOSH?i felt ashamed and useless. I thought because of my strictness everyone will post to the schedule but when i saw owners post of me calming down was embarasing post for me. I know owner was trying to help me out but... i have a gmail?
And i werent trying to be mean read my old post below:Hello woozens, 
I guess most of you didnt understand my work aye? well before i tell i want to say no blogger who were suppose to post on tuesday didnt post ,which shows how much you want to do for this blog :/ i am nut being mean but some of you are not taking part. This is sad, please bloggers post on your schedule.i can say names but tht would be very mean
 See i said i can say names but that could be mean.
i didnt point out anyone but a reminder i was so excited tht i actually worked like a cop or police. i was so excited of making changes helping out owner so she coukd chilax and bloggers would improve( from improve i mean writing pattern) but ppl dont like me
u know one good news. I can not continue on this blog. I hope you would be thanking me 4 this and thanking god for this. I cant continue of embarrasment. Cause i have a lot og msg on WzW of insulting me cuz of the post ppl say " ur a police better like a pointer who points ppl out" and many other things. I dont want to say names but i m ashamed. I thought ppl would love me but i know i was mean at owner,hom,ahom can kick yu out if you wont opost from tht i meant post in a month, well tht is true. ONCE AGAIN SORRY MY PLAN DIDNT WORK. I CANT CONTINUE ON THIS BLOG BYE,. Btw owner kick me out i guess ppl think i m ruining ur blog

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