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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Results of the AHOM nomination!

So the all u have been waiting for, the results of the AHOM, is out! I decided to make the deadline earlier bcos some people are alr impatient, and we have so many responsibilities for the new AHOM waiting... So drum rolls.. Lol And the new AHOM is...
       Party Popper  shizukatiya~  Party Popper

Congratz! Too bad Stellaluna24 just lost by one vote. But nvrmind. There will be more chances for u guys coming soon. So yay! shizukatiya. So now since she is the new AHOM, she will maybe be a bit more busier. Me and BabyShimmer will assign her work and train her since she is still new at this, not like BabyShimz. So if u guys have any problems, u can now also look for her. So shizukatiya, u can say whtever u want to those who voted u and take ur place as AHOM. To shizu: I will send the stuff u need by email :) And im so sorry that Stella and Princess didn't get chosen :( But its ok~ Next time :p
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