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Friday, 9 January 2015

Ratings For #zehicuary8 Items!

Hiya Woozens,

So everyone has been talking about how cool the new outfits are. Now i haven't seen all the outfits (Are there more?Please let me know in the comments below.) , But i decided to do a rating on the items. I wanted to share my opinions on them..

So, the picture i got is a leaked one from facebook, and oh yeah dont forget to add me on fb. My name is Maddz Wooz.

Also, please remember these are my opinions. YOURS MIGHT BE DIFFERENT. And i do not mean to defend anyone.


Here it is <3

This picture is not mine. So credits go to the rightful owner.

Boy Hair With Bunny :-

This hair is pretty cute when you look at it,but TOO un-original. It reminds me so much of this trending hair..But i just cant remember the name...

Remark :  Average.

Overall : As it is too cute, i'll add .5 marks.... = 7.5 /10

 Colored Sweated :

This is too cute to talk about!!!!! Just look at it there, it's like like like like like, was that too many likes? No..Okay..It's like too cute. You just look at it and it just seems that kind of good guy look.

Remark : Cute

Overall : -.5 For the kinda geeky look = 8.5/10

Girl Hair With Bunny On Top :

UGH. UGH . UGH. This looks so unoriginal... The hair reminds me of the AsianLovey pigtails, and the bunny on top kinda creeps me out.....

Remark : Average

Overall :  6.9

Two Tops In Top Row :

If you are going to buy something..You guys have to buy this!! Please do, it gives a kind of funky/bad girl look. Which is something i love.

Remark : Too Good

Overall : 10/10

Devil Horns : 

Long review...Moving on, these are really cute but with a twist. There also kind of messy, but that makes it better. 

Remark : Cutie 

Overall : 8/10

The Messy Pony : 

I have no words for this..

Remarks : Horrible

Overall : 5/10

Boy Rocker Top :

This is totally that bad boy kind of top! It can clash horribly if matched wrongly, but if you match it perfectly, then this is the one for you!

Remarks : Awesome

Overall: 8/10

Glam Dress:


Remarks : Un-original

Overall :3/10

Panda Hair :

Remark : Cutie

Overall : 9/10

Straight Long Hair :

Kind of unoriginal but still it's tot tot glam XD.

Remark : Cutie

Overall : 8/10

Two colored high pony :

Remark : AWESOME

Overall : 10/10

Heart Sweater :

Remark : Cutie

Overall : 10/10

Okay..Sorry for the ones that i missed, but i'm tired. Frankly!!

If you have anything to differ about, let me know in the comments.

Thanks For Reading.

Your Blogger,

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