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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hi! I'm Stella!

Hello my Sweeties! It's me Stellaluna24~ I will be your trial Romance and Dating advice Blogger!
Which means I'm your go to LoveDoctor and Dating-Teacher!

A bit about me~

My favorite color is Teal, in fact my real hair color is currently Teal! (because who wants normal hair colors am I right?!)

My favorite animal: Pandas! they are so KAWAII!
Favorite Food: chocolate covered strawberries! (so Yummy!)
My hobbies are writing Romance/Action Fanfictions, painting.
My qualifications as a LoveDoctor!
My favorite flowers are white daisies and lotuses.

I've spent my entire 15 years watching and learning about love from those around me, the year I turned 11. I began to become a Nurse in Romance, after a few harsh Break-ups I was a LoveDoctor!

I listen to Romance problems without judgement, and I give advice without holding back. I don't want anyone to go into a bad relationship, so to prevent you Sweeties from entering that fate I shall teach you the ways of "Love".

So don't hesitate to ask me anything!

Je 'Taime my Sweeties!

, StellaLuna24

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